Indiana University Building Systems Weather Data Page

The official Bloomington climatic data is archived and published by the National Climatic Data Center. Recent observation data for Monroe County can be found at the Indiana Climate Page.

Other Indiana weather related information can be found on the Indianapolis National Weather Service Homepage.

Monthly reports can be generated on our 24 Hour Data Retrieval Page.

Data Files

Data Format

5 Minute Data

5,[Year],[Day(Julian)],[Hour-Minute],[Barometric Pressure],[Rain(in)], [Air Temperature(F)],[Relative Humidity],[Solar Radiation(watts per Meter Squared)], [Solar Radiation per Minute(Joule)(5 minute total)],[Wind Direction Average], [Wind Speed Average(mph)],[Dew Point(F)],[Wet Bulb Temperature(F)], [Heat Index(F)],[Wind Chill(F)],[Wind Speed Vector(mph)], [Wind Direction Vector],[Maximum Wind Speed(mph)],[Rain Run Total], [Daily Rain Total(in)],[Peak Wind(mph) since midnight]

60 Minute Data

60,[Year],[Day(Julian)],[Hour-Minute],[Rain Last Hour(in)], [Daily Sunshine Hours Total]

24 Hour Data

24,[Year],[Day(Julian)],[Hour-Minute],[Battery Voltage], [Program Signature],[Maximum Air Temperature(F)],[Time of Maximum Temperature],[Minimum Air Temperature(F)],[Time of Minimum Temperature], [Maximum Relative Humidity(%)],[Time of Maximum Relative Humidity], [Minimum Relative Humidity(%)],[Time of Minimum Relative Humidity], [Maximum Wind Speed(mph)],[Time of Maximum Wind Speed],[Maximum Heat Index], [Time of Maximum Heat Index],[Minimum Wind Chill(F)], [Time of Minimum WindChill],[Rain Total(in)],[Daily Sunshine Hours Total]

The data on this website was compiled by Indiana University Building Systems, using data believed to be accurate; however, a degree of error is inherent in all data. The data is distributed "AS-IS" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of suitability to a particular purpose or use.

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